Universal Design Kitchen: 2013 NARI Judge's Choice
The owner of this home was injured in an accident which left him confined to a wheelchair. He took over many household duties including the preparation of family meals, but the existing kitchen presented many challenges:
An obtrusive island cabinet extended too far into the floor plan to clear with a wheelchair
Narrow sink alcove made its access cumbersome
Existing storage system limited access to cabinet items.

Timber Innovations' remodeled kitchen is easily navigable for a wheelchair, while still being functional for the whole family:
Moved the sink to an adjacent wall which allowed for more uninterrupted counter space creating a more open floor plan
Incorporated rollout shelving in pantry and corner cabinets
Upper cabinets were kept low for reachability
Added a drop-down drawer front which hides a knife drawer and butcher block designed to roll out over a wheelchair.

The NARI judges agreed that the biggest success of this project can be found in what is unseen: its accessibility for all members of the family. "It's the best overall [Judge's Choice] because it showed outstanding universal design as well as good, practical design work for all users." To read all of the judge's comments, go to the lead story of the NARI Awards article in the March 2013 issue of Fox Cities Magazine. More Winning Projects:
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